Emotional / Legal Apprehension (Sunday Song Series)

For Week #30 of our Sunday Song Series, we’ll be giving a listen to Oasis. Were we to sum up this English band’s Sunday Morning Call video in just one word, that’d be apprehension… in at least two different connotations of that word.

First… we experience the vegged out, couch confined man’s practically palpable, emotional apprehension as he gets jolted back to reality, jumps out the window and winds up in a run for his life chase scene. Next… we eyewitness his legal apprehension by the authorities. With his life having decidedly taken a turn for the worse, his apprehension can only heighten once he finds himself committed to a mental institution… replete with scenes reminiscent of those portrayed within One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest… both the Ken Kesey 1962 novel and the Jack Nicholson 1975 film adaptation.

The novel / film / music video scenes certainly add depth to this Sunday Morning Call lyrical passage…

and in your head do you feel
what your not supposed to feel
and you take what you want
but you won’t get hope for free
you need more time
because yer thoughts and
words won’t last forever more

To be sure, those final two lines even foreshadow the eventual fate of protagonist Randle Patrick “Mac” McMurphy. I won’t elaborate further for I wouldn’t want to spoil the reading / viewing experience for those who’ve yet to read the book / watch the film.

So… after 30 weeks of Sunday Songs, are you committed to returning for more… oh… say… seven days from now?