Is Blue the Clue? Close But No Cigar? (Sunday Song Series)

With the arrival of Week #31 of our Sunday Song Series, we find ourselves tagging along with singer, songwriter, poet and pop icon Jim Morrison. Within a scant two+ minutes, our Doors frontman / docent lyrically opines… or perhaps pines… over his short and sweet message of devotion for his sweetheart… i.e., what many of us have felt… from time immemorial… for the loves of our lives.

Of course, musically backed bards, such as Morrison, do inspire deeper discourse. As is true with most good poetry, the verses can be interpreted on (at least) two levels.

Perhaps the song title… Blue Sunday, itself… offers up a valuable / valid clue? After all, “blue” can connote both melancholy and impure thoughts… or might that be both… i.e., in hindsight, how impure thoughts can engender melancholy? And lest we forget, there are still Blue Laws on the books which… oft for religious reasons… restrict our otherwise normal, Monday thru Saturday activities.

Of course… on a more musical note… we must also ask… does the slow tempo (lento)… perhaps even the chord progression itself… provide an additional basis for a belief that there’s something more / something less afoot?

Or am I tripping over my own two left feet / over analyzing?

Perhaps our tour guide through the hidden human brain, Sigmund Freud, can cut through my blog’s smoke rings? Was it not the good doctor who (purportedly) opined…


“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”