Sonic Youth: Immensity & Sparsity (Sunday Song Series)

Welcome to our ongoing Sunday Song Series. Today’s featured recording artists… known collectively as Sonic Youth… keep our, so far, 39-weeks-long exploration of Sunday themed selections intact and on track. There’s much more in play, too… namely… the immensity of SY’s musicianship and songwriting talents juxtaposed with the succinctness of song title… Sunday… what else?… and sparsity of lyrical word count. All of which amply proves that one needn’t be verbose to liberate volumes of relevant sentiments on this (or any other) subject… within this (or any other) venue.

In other words…

A practical application of K.I.S.S. Theory
Those Keep It Short / Sweet sentiments
A priceless life lesson to be learned
Words to take to heart / live by.
I shall take my cue from this
Please enjoy the music
See ya next Sunday
End of blog!