Rearview Mirrored Reflections: Infirmity


A life limiting, invisible infirmity can necessitate becoming a mere spectator when you’re aching to be back in the game.

To avoid making an already bad situation worse requires…

• Listening to your head and not your heart.

• Saying, “no” when you yearn to say, “yes”.

• Your endless, uttered in same breath, “I’m sorrys”.

One begins to wonder which pain is worse…

• The physical manifestations, themselves, or the awkward conversations regarding them?

• Disappointing others or feeling disappointed in oneself?

As tempting as it might be to present a brave front to the world… to lead as positive a life as is humanly possible… to perhaps even employ mind over matter tactics to deal with your disability… this can only act as a dual edged sword.

How will you reply when everyone expects you to say “yes”… when you must say, “no”?