Thoughts While Traveling Down The Internet / “Interstate”


Hey WordPress! You have my gratitude. Why? Because 3+ years ago, you pulled off to the shoulder of the Internet / “Interstate” to offer this ex-MySpace blogger / hitchhiker a free ride and rent free home.

You have my admiration, too (re your survival instincts). It’s a no-brainer. Advertising revenue, alone, cannot fully prop up this platform. Consequently, you must make up for real / anticipated shortfalls by sales-pitching your visibility enhancing site plans / upgrades. In other words… you’ve been asking blogger moochers… such as moi… to show you the moola.

You have my regrets, too. You see, for the moment, I cannot buy into what you’re selling… on two levels…

1. My own survival instincts are telling me to limit discretionary spending.
2. My own common sense is telling me that a blogger, who barely averages one “like” per post just might not have any business being here in the first place.

Let’s discuss this further…

It takes far more than pricey website do-dads, bells and whistles to generate web traffic. To regularly attract the “likes” and comments from loyal readers, a blogger must post life enriching, inspirational / entertaining content.

If those basic benchmarks prove elusive, there likely are more serious problems, afoot, which no mere wave of the WordPress magical wand can ever solve. Sorcery can never pretty up what could very well be banal, boring and even depressing content.

More to the point… why upgrade the crap out of a site, today, if one’s crappy blogs will still be crap tomorrow… unread crap… unliked crap and devoid of comments crap.

Sure, I’d like to believe that my own site’s invisibility is due to being buried, alive, by the other, estimated 70 million per month, WordPress posts (btw, that’s a 2014 stat). But even if that’s my only problem, it would still be a daunting task for the virtual backhoe to dig me out from beneath that virtual Mt. Everest, sky-high “stack”.

Hey WordPress! You have my suggestion. I’m not exactly sure how this would work… or even if it would work… but… perhaps you could figure out some morale boosting freebie plan especially designed to promote promising and faltering bloggers. You could select and prominently feature their posts on a special website (working title?) This Week’s Top 100 Best Blogs That Nobody Ever Sees. Were our popularity to increase, so would consumer confidence. Translation: More moola for you when we respond favorably to your future sales-pitches.

You have my parting commentary, too. My having three decades of retail sales and management experience under my belt, I know what the true entrepreneurial spirit is supposed to be all about. To effectively, consistently sell a product or service, a salesperson must create a real or perceived need in each customer’s mind. However… bumming customers out in the process is a no-no. To be sure, this WordPress sales-pitch is a bummer. Sowing the seeds of blogger discontent in this manner… in this man’s mind… can only mess up my long struggled for and hard won peace of mind. Or, more to the point… you’ve been unduly challenging my long held concession that [1] it’s not always possible for all bloggers to achieve overnight success and [2] some of us never will.

You have my challenge, too. Prove me wrong. While I continue to pour my heart out in my blogs, guide me down to the first toll booth on that “Interstate” / Road to Success. If I’ve got a van full of “passengers”… maybe even one or two more vans tailgating me… I’ll be willing to buy into your visibility enhancing site plans / upgrades.