Королев … у нас проблемы? (Воскресная песенная серия)


SUBTITLE: Korolyov… we’ve got a problem? (Sunday Song Series)

From the Oh, BTW Dept: My knowledge of the Russian language being extremely limited, I can only take it on blind faith that the online translator has accurately done its job. Most assuredly… I’d never want to cause an international incident with Vladimir Putin… one that might provoke WW-III. Additionally, here’s a link to better understand my headlined reference to the Russian city of Korolyov (akin to America’s Houston).

All of that duly noted, let’s turn to the music at hand…

Considering all the media attention re the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon mission, to feature the A-OK album track, Party At Sunday, performed the Cosmonauts… who have no known connection to Russia’s space program… would, ordinarily, make for a logical, Week #45 addition to our ongoing Sunday Song Series.

However… there are some lyrical lapses in logic… to name two…

[1] How could someone concurrently deem a friend an a-hole? And were that “friend” to ever discover such an insult, just how long would (s)he still remain a friend? [2] Typically, one would expect to love… not hate… falling in love.

So, does Party At Sunday serve as a confessional or a social commentary vehicle to critique contemporary antisocial behavior? Or, am I over-analyzing? Sometimes a song is just a song… right? Whatever may or may not be going on here… what’s your take on these issues?

Paradoxes notwithstanding… you are all invited back for more Sunday titled / themed music… seven days from now.