A DIY Lyrical Matter ~ Sunday Song Series

Being at a loss for words is not necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, it shortens awkward conversations, prevents literary works that were never meant to be… AND… to inject a bit of self-deprecating humor… it can even shut up this far too frequently, long-winded blogger… insert Oxygen seeking gasp to catch my breath…

And then there’s the case of lyric-less songs.

Naturally, it’s not my intent to either imply writer’s block was at fault or to impugn the oft limitless musicianship / talents of most composers.

Normally, going word-free is “merely” a matter of a recording artist / composer being fully aware of the inherent beauty of the instrumental… namely… of how this liberates listeners to concentrate more intently on the melody / instrumentation itself… to maybe even zone out, sufficiently, to craft our own, personal story-lines to conform to the musical mood at hand… and then, ultimately, to allow such imagery to play out in the theater of the mind.

Such is the case with our Sunday Song Series, Week #49 musical adventure…

Recording Artist: Nick Drake
Selection Title: Sunday
Genre: EZ listening
Poignant Backstory: Click Here
My Recommendation: Click onto that video PB button and chill out
My Invitation: Please return for another Sunday Song… seven days from now…

Geeze… considering this post’s word count… which now stands at 260… inclusive of the content beyond that tallying point… and minus state sales taxes, licensing / registration fees and dealer prep charges… j/k… my verbosity remains unchecked.

Hmm… looks like I just blew my original blog premise… insert Oxygen seeking gasp to catch my breath…