“LAFF… You know you want to!”

Earlier this week, I speculated over the possibility that world-weary humanity might be forgetting how to laugh. I suppose you could consider what now follows to be Part Two to that linked previous post.

I cannot say, with certainty, what had caused me to awaken from my slumbers on my living room sofa this early a.m. I dunno what even compelled me to reach for my TV remote. But, thanks to my digital converter box’s Artificial Intelligence / memory, I found myself viewing a local affiliate of the LAFF Network.

And this turned out to be a perfectly timed out, most welcome TV moment. For the next sixty minutes, I found myself watching 3rd Rock from the Sun, the 1996-2001 NBC sitcom. Even better, this involved the bookended series finale and debut episodes.

Series co-creators Bonnie and Terry Turner’s premise:

To showcase four extraterrestrial anthropologists who assume human form / go incognito to study Earthlings. They take on the role of the Solomons… an on the edge of “nuclear meltdown”, (a)typical, quirky (quarky?) family of four. It is the combined interstellar culture shock / cluelessness / faulty coping skills of High Commander Dick, Security Officer Sally, Information Officer Tommy and Communications Officer Harry, which never ceases to get all of them into hilarious predicaments (at times risking the revelation of their true identities).

The Turners wound up with a hit series on their hands, due, in part, to clever cinematography, consistently imaginative, storylines and superb character development. The phrase, “Every Tom Dick and Harry”, had to have been the basis for the name selection.

Nuff said? I believe so… save to say… I hope that above clip has afforded us all some much needed comic relief.

Indeed, the best Rx for a happier life can be found within that above-mentioned network’s own logo / motto…

“LAFF… You know you want to.”