A Life Lesson and Household Hint


During my childhood, my neighbors’ power lawn mowers generated fumes… a mix of fresh cut grass and unburnt gas… which had a detrimental effect on my Asthmatic lungs. That’s why my father had to find alternatives to do his own yard work. His solutions…

To keep up with our yard’s overabundance of high maintenance shrubbery, he opted for an electric hedge trimmer and, to cut the grass, used a human powered, push mower.

The health benefits had been twofold… obviously cleaner air AND not so obviously… when I began helping dad do our yard work, the physical exercise that mower afforded me, wound up strengthening my lungs… eventually… helped ease Asthma’s literal grip.

Along the way, I even figured out a method to prevent tangled extension cords. And considering their lengths… 100 feet / 30.48 meters and 50 feet / 15.24 meters… their untangling had become dad’s and my weekly struggle. But, I did win that battle thusly…

One at a time, I’d wind each cord around our upright yard waste container’s base and, when done, carefully lift the container. Voila, two neat coils ready for storage.

I had even learnt a lessen in math. Since it took 20 winds for one cord, 10 for the other, my in the head computations told me the circumference of that container bottom was 5 feet / 1.524 meters.

So, might there be a bigger message to my story? Hmm… I suppose one could say…

Early in life exercise regimens build strong bodies.
Good habits learnt young build sound character / minds.
Strong minds and bodies are vital to a healthier, longer life.