What are you dreamin’ of?


I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places,
Lookin’ for love in too many faces,
searchin’ their eyes and lookin’ for traces
of what I’m dreamin’ of…


THUMBNAIL: The above lyrics form the chorus to the Bob Morrison, Patti Ryan and Wanda Mallette well-penned song, Lookin’ For Love. Recorded back in 1980 by Johnny Lee, this country song became a Billboard chart topper.

True, the lyrics, even when considered in their entirety, do lack a certain depth… but… they do serve well as a starting point to address what really does matter when we’re ISO our life partners.

Granted, even I won’t be giving this topic the word count / depth it is due… mainly to respect your time constraints. So… to Keep It Short / Sweet… let’s start with a little Q ’n’ A…

What am I dreamin’ of?

A woman who harbors love and righteousness in her head, heart and soul. Intellectual curiosity is essential, for the school bell never ceases to ring (for any of us) until the death bell tolls. Industriousness is important, too. And while basic good grooming and the desire to look one’s best are both admirable qualities, as for the latter, we mustn’t strive to meet / exceed Hollywood’s narrow definition of beauty. As for her race / ethnicity / station in life? None of that really matters at all.

Granted, I would have some reservations were she a smoker or over-eater. That’s mainly because she’d be cutting short her own life / our shared life’s journey. Naturally, I’d do my best to patiently help her kick any unhealthy habits.

True, I’ve only scratched the surface… but… I did solemnly vow a post that’d K.I.S.S.