A Timeless Appeal ~ Vid of the Day

It’s not often that a cover artist’s interpretation can do full justice to a folk/rock classic, but Peter Benson’s dulcet voice and strumming fingers have fully captured what song composer Chet Powers had had on his mind and in his heart and soul.

Alas… their shared appeal for peace and brotherhood is so easily expressed in the spotlight… yet… such wisdom is so seldom acted out, upon the world stage.


C’mon people now
Smile on your brother (and sister)
Everybody get together
Try to love one another right now!







Fortune Cookie Blog (Gesundheit!)


There once was a party host who invited his guests to try the punch
after they had witnessed him sneeze a dozen times into the punch-
bowl. When they would not fill and raise their glasses to offer their
toast to his good health, he felt inordinately insulted and indignant.
Compared to his influenza, his narcissism was far more debilitating.






Just wondering…


Let’s start by defining terms…

Nationalism: a feeling of superiority over other countries, oft to the point of advocacy of political independence.

Xenophobia: an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

From what I’ve been witnessing here in America, xenophobic nationalists appear to have an irreconcilable attitude.

How could they who accept the concept of Trumpian societal isolationism also accept their boy Donny actively and regularly encouraging both Russian and Ukrainian encroachment within America?





One Question Poly-Sci Pop Quiz


1. Who can best discipline The Tyrant; rein in his excess?

[a] The House of Reps’ oversight; the U.S. Congress
[b] The 4th Estate’s exposés; that good ol’ free press
[c] A Forbes mag spanking; from the porn star actress
[d] All of the above
[e] None of the above





1 Min 42 Secs of Instant Happiness ~ Vid of the Day

Not often that blog dialogue practically writes itself… that two copy and paste operations suffice.

Vid of the Day featured artist Ladyva will set up this clip. She’s followed by YouTuber / Commentator Yumatas’ testimonial.

Ladyva: “This is Johan Blohm’s boogie woogie dedicated to my dad Stefan, it’s one of his favourite boogie pieces.”

Yumatas: “Typical night of tubing… got off into political vids and was angry and depressed for a bit and then somehow I clicked on Miss Ladyva’s vid here… instantly happy again.”