Fortune Cookie Blog (Cheesy Issues)


Here’s the poop re a cheesy, cheesed off, chowin’ on a cheese burger king.
Tuff to say which is worse; his chubby body or body of knowledge so full of
holes that his “noodle” resembles a chunk of Swiss cheese. The poor chap
actually believes the Moon is made of green cheese! As for Earthly matters
he can’t tell the diff ‘tween chalk and cheese; in re his below the belt woes,
when he ain’t chasing after cheesecake models, he’ll often cut the cheese!







SoundTrack to a Spooky Saga ~ Bonus Vid of the Day

Somewhere within our world… at some point within the upcoming dead-of-the-night hours… there’ll exist the gusty, gale driven lightning flashes and thunder crashes that’ll further enhance Midnight Syndicate’s spooky track Darkness Descends.

However… even if our skies prove starlit, we mustn’t be lulled into any false sense of security. No… you see… this night’s ol’ Devil Moon… it’s waxing sliver… shall not significantly illuminate our perilous, winding wilderness path to nowhere…

At times, such as this, we must exercise due diligence… watch our backs and steps. The mere offhand whisper… the telltale kicked pebble or snap of a twig… could alert any and all nearby sorcerers, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, goblins and demons… perchance the Grim Reaper… maybe even Satan, himself… to our presence.

So my travel companions… do we now venture forth to discover who and what may await us? All that may or may not be enshrouded by the misty cloak of dank darkness? Let’s find out… shall we?

Follow closely… ever so closely… as we silently slip deeper and deeper into the vast unknown of the supernatural world…







A Bewitching Spell ~ Vid of the Day (Halloween Edition)

To fully attest to the relevance of our Vid of the Day’s bewitching, musical selection, I have the distinct honor of introducing Fleetwood Mac’s chanteuse, Ms. Stevie Nicks, who, in turn, will now introduce us to Rhiannon

“This song’s about an old Welsh witch.”

Considering Nicks’ artistry… her performance’s sheer, theatrical intensity… we can all expect to easily fall under her musical, mystical, magical spell…







Fortune Cookie Blog (Trick or Treat?)


Halloween can serve as metaphor; namely, never get tricked by sovereigns,
who emulate sorcerers, demons, ogres, zombies, vampires and werewolves.
To not heed this warning could result in their casting evil spells and utilizing
their razor sharp talons and fangs. To treat themselves they’d [1] spirit away
our sweet freedom, [2] drain our brains of decency, [3] tear asunder our cul-
tural/ethnic diversity, [4] suck our will to live, [5] spook us into subservience.






A Major League Demonstration


Deep down, I didn’t like it when World Series attendees, en masse, loudly booed Donald J. Trump. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. It’s not that Fascist Vladimir Putin’s understudy didn’t deserve it… BUT

As an American, I’d expect any Oval Office dweller to be deemed sufficiently reputable to… at the very least… warrant perfunctory applause. Alas, Donald is not that man.

Beyond that, the Trumpster has no one but himself to blame for this baseball stadium crowd’s raucous chants of “Lock him up!” After all, his obstruction of justice deeds always fly in the face of his words claiming innocence. After all, he is the very Rabble-Rouser-In-Chief who, first, whips his campaign rally’s throngs into a rabid lather and, next, contentedly stands back as they enthrall him with their exuberant chants of “Lock her up!” and “Send them Back!”

During these past, nearly 3 (million) years, Sunday night was one of the few instances… perhaps even the only one… where the so-called prez has ever been confronted by real Americans… not the paid for, trained seals who frequent his propaganda ministers’ staged events.

Oh, that crestfallen look on Donny’s face when his protective bubble was finally burst… upon his realization that the mindless, unconditional adulation that he flat-out demands would not be forthcoming. It’s a sure bet that if he had it his way, he’d have locked them up!

A rational man would’ve viewed this demonstration as his wake up call… gone back to the White House to do some serious soul searching… to start mapping out a policy changing path, that’d earn him some genuine admiration. Alas, Donald is not that man.

It’s not difficult to imagine what actually went down afterwards. Scores of his handlers must’ve been rudely awakened by phone calls notifying them of a hastily convened, top-secret, emergency meeting. Then, upon arrival, they promptly heaped on their praise for their boss until their verbal manure was nose deep in the Oval Office.

Even though humoring such an individual can only worsen his chances of ever getting guided back to good mental health, I suppose it was all for the better.

Would we rather see the man-child throwing his “I’ll show them”, nuclear temper tantrum?





Feelin’ Grooy ~ Vid of the Day

Marina & Arne-Jan’s cover of the Simon & Garfunkel folk/rock classic… 59th Street Bridge Song… a.k.a. Feelin’ Groovy… will provide us all a Feelin’ Groovy vibe on this Wednesday.

Oh, btw, do check out this duet’s unique percussion section, too.






Just sayin’…


Donny maintains that a sitting president is entitled to legal privilege not afforded a private citizen and, as such, the legal authorities are not free to investigate him the same way they would a private citizen. Yet, he feels entitled to a private citizen’s legal protections when the U.S. House of Representatives attempts to legally investigate him as a sitting president.

Hmm… would not such protections instantaneously morph him into a private citizen, who could then be duly arrested, charged, arraigned, tried, convicted, sentenced and jailed?

Just sayin’…