Match Game Comedy / Melt Down Tragedy

Let’s credit and thank ABC late night talk show host / comedian / writer / producer JImmy Kimmel for bringing the above clip to our attention.

To put this into historical perspective, long before the Donald J. Trump regime, there was Match Game 1973, ’74, ’75, etc. where the imaginative staff writers composed “Dumb Donald” questions for host Gene Rayburn to pose to his contestants.

I’ve titled the clip, below, Melt Down ’19 and subtitled it Life (unintentionally) Imitates Art (a life that nobody would ever want to imitate).

This is the unfunny, unfortunate, unraveled reality. Most assuredly it’s no game. Let’s ensure this seriously ill man receives the medical evaluation and attention he so desperately needs and deserves… before it’s too late (if it’s not too late already)…