A Backyard Bistro’s Unexpected Patron


Yesterday, late afternoon, I ventured outside to tend to my yard work. While basking within Michigan’s sudden return to sunshiny, summery weather, I could not help but admire the three meter by three meter sized patch of lush clover. The question… to mow or not to mow?

By the time I had returned to the “great indoors”, prepared my supper and served it up, I was feeling famished. Prior to sitting down at my dining room table, just as I was about to close the curtains, I spotted a small visitor, nearly hidden by the cloak of descending nightfall… and the tall clover.

Turns out I had an unexpected dinner guest… a rabbit. Based on the way (s)he (<— unisex fur coat so it was hard to tell) was scarfing down this al fresco dinner, (s)he must’ve rated my backyard bistro a five star experience.

I’m so glad that I had left, intact, that entire clover patch.