Take The Offbeat Local Solar System Mnemonic Tour!


Check out this rather off the beaten path mnemonic tour of the local solar system. The Mercurial man, who has ice water coursing through his Venous system, does have a d-Earth of patience. Nevertheless, he knows that to be a two-termer (or more) he must Mars-hal his bigoted, toady, underling enablers and like-minded voter base (btw they are all Ass-teroids). Yet, he’s feeling down on his luck, so he hopes his Juju-pewter metallic fetish / charm will have the magical powers to do the trick. And speaking of tricks, he’s now feeling lust, so he extramaritally flings with a Slattern. Feeling a bit slothful, too, he has heard that to sit on Uranus is how to perfectly deal with this situation. Well that’s how he “sings” his iNept-tune. Hmm, it does seem like Vladimir Pluto-in is somehow missing. Is that even possible?