Frost’s Road Not Taken ~ Vid of the Day [10-20-19]

So… what was on poet Robert Frost’s mind, so long ago? What inspired him to mull over life’s fork in the road? Why was he advocating The Road Not Taken?

Was this his attempt to spare us the hubbub of urbanity’s insanity? To urge us to dance to the beat of a different drummer? To perhaps even deliver a simplified lecture to present his practical application of Quantum Mechanics… i.e., the study of the multiverse of infinite possibilities?

Too heavy a discussion? Yep! No argument here.

Best advice…

Chill out to the wisdom of poet Robert Frost, the calming, dulcet tones of orator John C. Catlin, the divine piano masterpiece, Healing Waters by Olive Musique and the vibrant, autumnal scenes of Mother Nature adorned in her leafy Sunday best.

Oh, btw… if you’d like to share your own interpretations of Frost’s poem, I’m looking forward to reading your observations in the comment section below.