Are we overlooking something?


First and foremost, I have absolutely no way of proving my following suspicions. Even so, such speculation is worthy of discussion. That said…

The simplest explanation is to dismiss Donald J. Trump’s ill-conceived, ill-timed, bizarre Syrian policy as a monumental blunder of his own making. However…

What if autocrat Vladimir Putin’s meddling into American affairs is not limited only to Election Day? What if he actually ordered Trump to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria?

After all, to destabilize that nation / region, in this manner, has got to be Putin’s fantasy fulfilled. And seeing how both of these despotic dudes have had plenty of clandestine meetings (minus even an American interpreter), Bad Vlad could’ve easily corrupted the always corruptible Donny.

IF THIS IS TRUE… just how many more of Putin’s barked out orders has the Trumpster been following… no questions asked? After all, to destabilize / overthrow America has got to be their shared goal.

Beyond that? One wonders what sort of “doggie treats” this power-hungry Russian feeds his obedient lapdogs?