Ian’s “Eons Ago” Feeling (Sunday Song Series)

Fast Facts:

Sunday Song Series Week #59
Band ~ Jethro Tull
Debut Album ~ This Was
Release Date (UK) ~ October 25, 1968
Song ~ My Sunday Feeling
Vocalist / Flautist / Composer ~ Ian Anderson

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Fortune Cookie Blog (turn of events)


It is no big mystery why voter turn-out has become so low. At almost every
turn, average citizens [1] get turned away by suppress the vote tactics, [2]
wind up waiting their turn in miles long lines and [3] get flat out turned off
by self-serving, reeking of ideological stench, stomach turning candidates.







1 More Match Game Dumb Donald Clip ~ Vid of the Day

Throughout most of the 1970’s, Match Game staff writers prepared dozens of mythical Dumb Donald, fill in the blank scenarios for the show’s host, Gene Rayburn, to present to his contestants.

Obviously, this all occurred long before the real Donald’s rise to power and, yet, seeing how he has… now that we watch this game show’s yesterdays playing out today… well… there’s an added humorous dimension that’s inescapable. It tends to make one wonder if this really is mere coincidence? Of course, that does beg the follow up Q…

Might there have been a Time Machine involved… oh… say a DeLorean parked in (or in the vicinity of) the Match Game soundstage lot?

Anyway… our above Vid of the Day clip features the “fake” Dumb Donald finding new, stable employment… a prospect that his real life namesake might soon be facing down, as well.






Fortune Cookie Blog (Seven-Fold Dirt)


A sufficiently powerful Roomba has yet to be invented that could
suck up the dirty pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy
and sloth, which so utterly contaminate too many of our world’s
governmental offices, in particular, the one that is ovoid shaped.







Witch Hunt? Lynching? Coup d’état?

Donald J. Trump needs to rethink his contempt for the U.S. Constitution and thank its framers for authoring an orderly impeachment / removal procedure. While that’s not the same due process protections afforded ordinary citizens, he still has no good reason to fear a witch hunt, lynching and coup d’état.

Indeed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not hired a carpenter to build a pillory. She’s not been frequenting Home Depot ISO heavy duty rope, either. As for her being a proficient military tank commander / driver / gunner? Nah… she just doesn’t seem to be the White House gate crasher / blow the front doors to smithereens type. Hell, it’s doubtful she even owns a bullhorn suitable for issuing her “GET THE HELL OUT OR ELSE!” ultimatum.

Anyway, if Donny is as virtuous, innocent and misunderstood as he claims to be, would not an Impeachment Inquiry provide the perfect, Perfect, PERFECT venue for him to prove it, Prove It, PROVE IT?

Even if he winds up impeached, anyway, the unscrupulous, soulless, spineless U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his like-minded toady underlings can be counted on to elevate rightwing partisanship over righteous patriotism… i.e., they’ll be amenable to allowing a thug to remain holed up within his oval hideout.

Even if Mitch doesn’t march in Trumpian lockstep,  Donny still has all the judges that money can buy. According to an August 5, 2019 NPR report…

“In the 2 1/2 years that Trump has been in office, his administration has appointed nearly 1 in 4 of the nation’s federal appeals court judges and 1 in 7 of its district court judges.” (read more here)

And those stats don’t even begin to factor in the U.S. Supreme / Extreme Court’s conservative bloc… inclusive of the fake prez’s handpicked, sycophantic pals, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. Hell, they’d bend over both backward and forward to rule in the Trumpster’s favor… and against America.

Speaking of anti-America dudes… Donny also has one final trump card to play. Russia’s Putin. Come Election Day 2020, Big Bad Vlad could easily finish off his no shots fired overthrow of America… i.e., do his damnedest to keep his puppet / ventriloquist’s dummy propped up in the Oval Office… and make his second term a lifetime appointment, to boot.

America would then wind up dead. And anyone who’d fail to kiss Trump rump would wind up dead, too.










Fortune Cookie Blog (Cease Fire?)


The foolhardy, faux peacemaker can never claim his haggled cease fire to be
a victory. NOT when he turns his back on his allies; NOT when his subjugator
pals can claim their victory, too. NOT when their shared victories usher in the
dissolution and dismemberment of contested territory that favors the despots.
NOT when the masses suffer distress, displacement, destruction and DEATH!







Fortune Cookie Blog (redemption)


There may be salvation for people who habitually do bad deeds; i.e. if they
are capable of feeling bad afterwards; understand how bad it is to spin bad
as good as a means to poison other minds; if they do not turn a deaf ear to
their inner voice & readily listen to the preachers’ and teachers’ voices, too;
embrace their life lessons, that speak of the vast diff between good and bad.