Cohen’s Counterpoint (Vid of the Day)

The manner in which wealth gets portrayed / prioritized is what oft gives prosperity its bad name.

While viewing the first minute of today’s clip… the Trumpian portion… consider the greed-driven commander-in-chief’s barren of meaningful thanks, Thanksgiving message to his troops (stationed at Afhanistan’s Bagram Airfield-BAF).

Those in his captive audience, who had been totally zoning out on his self-serving, soon-to-be 2020 TV campaign ad, had had the right idea.

However, just imagine how demoralized the soldiers, who had actually been paying attention, must’ve felt upon discovering how they’ve been putting their lives on the line ONLY for the sole, soulless purpose of fattening stock market portfolios… rather than preserving, protecting and defending American freedom.

Following Trump’s words we’ll be giving a listen to Brian Tyler Cohen’s spot on, well documented political / psychoanalysis.








Dumb Donald’s Turkey ~ Vid of the Day

In today’s real world, the all too real character, Donald, has the presidential power to pardon turkeys… both Thanksgiving fowl and everyday foul peeps. In the Match Game universe… circa 1975… the playful staff writers’ character, Dumb Donald, had an entirely different Thanksgiving Day plan in mind… let’s listen in as game show host Gene Rayburn elaborates…

BTW, to all who are celebrating on this day, I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever!






A Delectable Pumpkin Pie Alternative

21 percent of recently polled Americans say that they dislike pumpkin pie… which tends to partially debunk the above clip’s expressed lyrical love for this dessert. Personally, while the taste is fine with me, what I don’t particularly care for is its pudding-like consistency.

If you concur… and even if you don’t… keep in mind that pumpkin is not only good for pie making.

Brief Backstory…

My sister discovered a Pumpkin Cranberry Bread recipe, while reading the November 1996 issue of Gourmet magazine and, ever since then, this melt in the mouth confection has become our family favorite… not only during the holidays but year-round. It is particularly tasty when served warm out of the oven… or even reheated.

Upon my (mere moments ago) discovery that this periodical has actually posted this very recipe, online, I just had to share it with you… all courtesy of this Convenient Interwebs Link.

You might want to also follow another link to read about the 9 Impressive Health Benefits of Pumpkin.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow… have fun! If you’re traveling… safe journeys!





Happy Landings! (Vid of the Day)

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, here in the States; with the rapidly approaching December holidays, worldwide, you may already be planning vacations ISO more clement climes, to attend family reunions, etc.

For all who’ll wind up waiting within airport terminals, train / bus stations, etc., hopefully, you’ll be able to avail yourselves of a few stress and/or boredom alleviating diversions… such as what we witness within our Vid of the Day.

One quick travel tip…

Should the good times start to roll… at the very least… stow away your smartphones long enough to smile a bit more? Or maybe clap along with whatever beat may be at hand?

Even if such a scene doesn’t materialize, perhaps, fond recollections of Brendan Kavanagh and Terry Miles’ boogie-woogie mini piano recital will suffice?

No travel plans, at all? Hey, no harm in giving this YouTube clip a view / listen, anyway, right?







Fortune Cookie Blog (Bad Apples)


What do steroid juiced professional athletes, trigger happy cops and
war criminal soldiers all have in common? They muddy the uniforms
they wear, sully the image of the vast majority of their peers (who do
obey all the rules); can make it difficult for average folks to determine
who is honorable; who is not; who we can respect and trust implicitly.





The Fab One Woman Band ~ Vid of the Day

Amy Slattery, single-handedly, “owns” the late George Harrison’s pièce de résistance I Want To Tell You. I was going to say that she covers his song, but… a word like “cover” could never, possibly, fully cover how superb her musicianship truly is… how well she channels the spirit of both composer and composition… as well as all of the extra overdubbing and videography that had been necessary to transform herself into a one woman band. All that remains to be said is… ENJOY!







Match Game’s Dumb Donald Strikes Again (Vid of the Day)

Highly imaginative (perhaps visionary) 1970s era Match Game writers supplied host Gene Rayburn lots of fill-in-the-blank, Dumb Donald scenarios to pose to his contestants. In the above clip, Donald gets cast in the role of the inept revolutionary.

We can only hope / pray that the present-day, real Donald is just as dumb when it comes down to his potential launching of the far more deadly and destructive nuclear WMD. If not, 7.7 billion Earthlings’ fate will be a far too early “dirt nap”.

Let’s check out my updated version of that long ago, Match Game scenario…

Harry, the aide-de-camp, said, “That Dumb Donald is a rotten excuse for a commander-in-chief. When he intercepted the Nuclear Football, he _____________.

Casting myself in the role of the virtual game show emcee, at this point, I’d supply the following link to any contestant unfamiliar with the term, Nuclear Football.

As for the possible contestant replies…

The worst would be… “started WW-III” or “launched the nukes”
The ideal would be… “fumbled it” or “lost possession”

Admittedly, mine is not a fun and funny game show scenario… but neither is a global, nuclear holocaust in real life.