What if Game 5’s fans had reacted differently?


I’d like to extend my belated congrats to MLB’s World Series Champions, the Washington Nationals. Were there ever a better moment for some positive news coming out of DC, this was it!

Now, as for that DC negative news, let’s revisit the World Series’ Game 5 Trumpian moment. Egad… must we? Long sigh… we must. But I promise to keep it mercifully brief…

As most of us know, this past Sunday night, many of the fans directed their boos and “Lock Him Up” chants at the in attendance, Donny.

Since then, the more I’ve considered this demonstration, the more I’ve wondered… WHAT IF, instead, the entire stadium had suddenly gone dead silent… nary even a whisper amongst the 43,910 fans in attendance?

Think about it. The abrupt cessation of joy. What a dramatic statement that would’ve made. It would’ve been like a power grid crash blacking out the entire stadium.

Hmm… not unlike how… for nearly 3 years (seems more like 3 million)… a very dark-minded, head of state has been casting his dark, oppressive ideological shadow over an entire nation… an entire world.