Fortune Cookie Blog (40 ConWords)


Consider a confounding conundrum; the conduct of an inconsiderate, con-
ceited, condescending, bereft of conscience & contrition, archconservative
Conman. Consumed by ego, he’s perpetually ISO unconditional love/loyalty
from his confused constituents. Besieged by contorted & convoluted con-
victions, namely his hardcore contempt for the Constitution, he’s driven to
consort, consult & conspire with contemptible confederates & confidantes.
A confirmed control freak, he’ll post Tweetstorm conniptions & constantly
connive to conquer all who attempt to contravene. Consequently, it’s each
Congressperson’s sworn duty to condemn his misconduct; douse the ideo-
logical conflagration and, upon conviction, oust him from his oval confines.