At the Heart of the Matter (Vid of the Day)

This clip’s featured conversation between two, true blue Americans… Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt. should give freedom lovers, worldwide, reason to feel proud. Their frank discussion not only succinctly summarizes why Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky needs American aid, but why it was also so egregiously wrong for the self-serving, opportunistic, power junkie, control freak Donald J. Trump to thuggishly threaten to withhold such assistance.

Even if the outcome of the U.S. House Impeachment Inquiry proceedings does not result in Dickering Donny’s much needed, long overdue Constitutional ouster, We the People… who harbor a genuine appreciation for what America’s Founding Fathers had had in mind… have all felt our collective mood elevated. And we owe our undying gratitude to authentic patriots Vindman and Welch for affording us what could easily qualify as a uniquely American moment in recorded history.

This clip’s five minute PB will be time well spent… but… if you’d like to cut to the chase… FF to the 4:03 mark.