Match Game’s Dumb Donald Strikes Again (Vid of the Day)

Highly imaginative (perhaps visionary) 1970s era Match Game writers supplied host Gene Rayburn lots of fill-in-the-blank, Dumb Donald scenarios to pose to his contestants. In the above clip, Donald gets cast in the role of the inept revolutionary.

We can only hope / pray that the present-day, real Donald is just as dumb when it comes down to his potential launching of the far more deadly and destructive nuclear WMD. If not, 7.7 billion Earthlings’ fate will be a far too early “dirt nap”.

Let’s check out my updated version of that long ago, Match Game scenario…

Harry, the aide-de-camp, said, “That Dumb Donald is a rotten excuse for a commander-in-chief. When he intercepted the Nuclear Football, he _____________.

Casting myself in the role of the virtual game show emcee, at this point, I’d supply the following link to any contestant unfamiliar with the term, Nuclear Football.

As for the possible contestant replies…

The worst would be… “started WW-III” or “launched the nukes”
The ideal would be… “fumbled it” or “lost possession”

Admittedly, mine is not a fun and funny game show scenario… but neither is a global, nuclear holocaust in real life.