Happy Landings! (Vid of the Day)

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, here in the States; with the rapidly approaching December holidays, worldwide, you may already be planning vacations ISO more clement climes, to attend family reunions, etc.

For all who’ll wind up waiting within airport terminals, train / bus stations, etc., hopefully, you’ll be able to avail yourselves of a few stress and/or boredom alleviating diversions… such as what we witness within our Vid of the Day.

One quick travel tip…

Should the good times start to roll… at the very least… stow away your smartphones long enough to smile a bit more? Or maybe clap along with whatever beat may be at hand?

Even if such a scene doesn’t materialize, perhaps, fond recollections of Brendan Kavanagh and Terry Miles’ boogie-woogie mini piano recital will suffice?

No travel plans, at all? Hey, no harm in giving this YouTube clip a view / listen, anyway, right?