Tuesday Afternoon (Vid of the Day)

There’ll be Tuesdays like these (and the rest of each week’s days, too), where there’ll just not be time enough to log in to blog. I simply needed to take care of some way too long neglected biz. Sure, I could now get into the boring particulars, but, who’d ever want to read about a mundane, important to me / trivial to you, non-blogworthy non-event?

However… on to the practicalities…

I would still like to live up to my Vid of the Day presentation schedule. Of course, with a goodly portion of our world now in Wednesday mode, I’m already too late. But, on a technicality, here in America (thanks to Hawaii) it’ll still be Tuesday. for approximately five more hours.

Even better… regardless of when we click our clip’s playback button, we’ll be treated to YouTuber pianist Ben’s fine cover of the Moody Blues aptly titled classic… Tuesday Afternoon.