Sound Effects Enhanced Poll Numbers ~ Vid(s) of the Day

Normally, I wouldn’t put much faith in fiction-based FOX reportage (fake news). But, when their poll numbers take into account Donald J. Trump, who deems himself unaccountable to no one… when his pals fail to march in lockstep with what he demands of them (unconditional, shameless, saccharin, sycophantic flattery) such stats do become all the more damning.

FOX News has officially reported that 50% of registered voters want Trump impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives AND convicted / removed from office by the U.S. Senate. Considering how an additional 4% want him impeached sans removal from office, eventually, even they might deem it wise to show Putin’s Perfect Puppet the White House Exit Signs.

It’d be highly advisable for Republican Senators to immediately abandon the sinking fast, U.S.S. Trump. After all, when an actual at sea ship is taking on water… the Birkenhead Drill… i.e., that cardinal “women and children first rule”… doth apply.

Granted, these immensely and intensely partisan legislative hacks do, superficially masquerade as adults. But, when we truthfully assess / factor in their critical lack of emotional / developmental maturity, how could we not deem them children?

Children who’d even horrify the whiniest, screechiest Terrible Two Tyke who has ever thrown an epic, grand mal seizure of a temper tantrum (from time immemorial)…