The Other “N” Word

Nepotism. Be it connected to the Trump or Biden family, it’s flat-out WRONG!

I’m not saying it’s always corrupt. But DAMN IT, it does give that impression to nearly every ethical outsider looking in. That (then) VP Biden could not impress upon his own son, Hunter, that he should’ve steered clear of employment that might’ve overlapped with Obama admin foreign policy… at the very least… well… let’s illustrate this, thusly…

Let’s say Biden winds up on the debate stage with Trump. How could he ever call out the shady shenanigans of the Trump klan… sans looking like a hypocrite?

If I had POTUS wannabe, Joe Biden’s ear, I’d advise him to immediately end his race for the White House. Considering the oodles of his rival liberal / progressive colleagues, it’s not like he’s the Democrats’ only hope for defeating despot Donny.

Even were Joe to stay in the race and wind up dumping Trump in 2020, realistically, just how long could he expect the taste of victory to remain sweet? I mean, unless he also manages to snag Democratic U.S. House and Senate majorities, seething with vengeance, sour, dour Republicans WILL accuse Joe / his family of impropriety… and summarily impeach / oust POTUS #46 Biden… within mere weeks after Inauguration Day.

Biden quitting now could even be viewed as the PERFECT punishment for Trump.

Think about it. Donny winds up getting impeached for strong arming Volodymyr Zelensky / attempting to force that Ukrainian President into digging up nonexistent dirt on Biden… the man who never ran against him.