Dumb Donald Rubs the Wrong Way (Vid of the Day)

Match Game had attained hit show status soon after Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather had become a big screen hit… also around the same time, the (perhaps) Godfather / Vito Corleone channeling, thuggish prez… Richard M. Nixon… was hitting political and personal rock bottom.

Anyway, had that fake prez not opted to abdicate and abscond, that days of yore commendable Congress… renown for bipartisanship / elevating the Constitution above the conman… would’ve certainly wound up impeaching, convicting and ousting Nixon.

Match Game’s question writers certainly had corrupt Corleone in mind… maybe even corrupt Nixon, too. Hell, they may’ve even been sufficiently clairvoyant to envision the present-day, impeached for corruption, Real Donald (who also fancies himself above the law).

Anyway, these wordsmiths wound up concocting our featured clip’s following, fill-in-the-blank, Dumb Donald question for emcee Gene Rayburn to pose to his contestant… thusly…

“The Godfather said to Dumb Donald, ‘I don’t think you’re
gonna work out as a hitman. When I told you to rub Louie
out, I didn’t mean you should use a – – – – BLANK – – – -‘”

Let’s all watch to find out how many celebs our contestant manages to match…