Fortune Cookie Blog (deck the hauls?)


So, what was your holiday haul like? Did any gift giver disappoint you?
Unless there’s a defect or size issue, graciously thank them and keep it.
If you still don’t want it, be charitable; donate it to someone who does.
The lousy alternative would be to insult the gift giver; or far worse yet,
pester them for a receipt; so you can greedily pocket the cash refund.






Then One Foggy Christmas Morn (Part 2)


While Part 2 can stand on its own two feet, for anyone who may be curious, I’m linking to Part 1.

My early daybreak, Christmas walk through my lifelong hometown now finds me leaving my boyhood neighborhood behind… with heavy heart… soldiering onward… beneath the widespread, dismal, grayish blue overcast and amidst the enshrouding, chilly, misty light fog… the vehicular traffic is still sparse… the pedestrian traffic… uh… not another soul in sight…

Redirecting my attention to the displayed, residential outdoor Christmas decorations, for the most part, they appear as artistically unimaginative, disappointing afterthoughts… as if each weekend warrior residents’ ‘tude had been…

“Eh, what the hell, I’ll just toss on and tack up these damned things so
I can get ‘er done before the ‘big game’ comes on the big screen TV.”

Soon nearing the town square, my “what is” and “what was” comparative study conjures up a whole new meaning to the phrase “The Main Drag”… with emphasis on “Drag”. My yesteryear eyes become further saddened upon witnessing the results of multiple generations of poor planning by our city fathers. Submitted for disapproval, their aesthetically barren / artistically unimaginative afterthoughts.

Just how many drink or drown nightclubs / swank eateries doth one small town ever really need? Unless one deems the neon hued night life to be the end-all to life, one could easily rank this downtown business district a dull, null and void dead zone.

Gone is that days of yore charm, best exemplified by the Mom and Pop grocery stores and the truly helpful hardware dealers who also did double duty as handymen… happily / helpfully toiling away in their backroom workshops. Also gone, the lunch counter drug store, five and dime and clothier. Hell, even the post office had relocated.

Urban sprawl had morphed within walking distance convenience into a many miles distant, pissing way gasoline road trip.

Alas… here I am, once more stuck within the new town reality… where no amount of wishful thinking could possibly overcome the inescapable truths hinted at / backed up by…

Lyricist Kim Gannon’s reminder: “I’ll be home for Christmas / If only in my dreams.”

Author Thomas Wolfe’s adage: “You can’t go home again.”


“Stay Tuned” for Part 3…




Fortune Cookie Blog (allegory)


Once upon a time an ignorant little boy leader, who fancied himself
a space cowboy, established a Space Force to protect life on Earth.
Since he fancied himself a climate change denier, too, he could not
protect life on Earth. The space cowboy mucked up Earth. The End.







Then One Foggy Christmas Morn (Part 1)


Just before yesterday’s daybreak… my appetite for reconnecting with Christmases past… in a manner more tangible than mere memories… far outweighed my hunger for sustenance. Donning my jacket, I hit the trail for a short trek through my lifelong hometown.

Destination: My boyhood neighborhood.

My excessively sentimental… bordering on delusional… expectations were that, beneath the dismal, grayish blue overcast and amidst the enshrouding, chilly, misty light fog, I’d wind up…

• at the very least… getting a glimpse of the very home, which I had deemed the center of my universe (throughout the first seven years of my life) and, perhaps, even spotting a fully decorated, lit up Christmas tree in the living room window (right where I would’ve seen it through my 60 years younger eyes).

• at the very most… getting caught up in some sort of freakish, Stephen Hawking or Stephen King postulated cosmic vortex? A space/time rip, which would send me hurling back, Back, BACK? To start out my life, anew? My, perhaps, even retaining enough of my accrued wisdom / foreknowledge to alter my now younger self’s decisions… all leading up to a better life?

Alas… obviously… I’m still here… unchanged…

No window showcased Christmas tree. No window of opportunity time warp, either. No amount of wishful thinking could possibly overcome a known, orderly multiverse’s implacable reality. All of that even gets backed up by more down to Earth realities… namely…

• Lyricist Kim Gannon’s reminder: “I’ll be home for Christmas / If only in my dreams.”

• Author Thomas Wolfe’s adage: “You can’t go home again.”







Ode To Joy To The World (Vid of the Holiday)

While auditioning blogworthy clips at YouTube in the waning days of December ’17, I suddenly wondered if any recording artist had ever considered a mash up of Ode to Joy and Joy to the World. No sooner had I keyed in those search parameters when i discovered, indeed, The Piano Guys had posted such a performance… one that is so… so… so…

Well… let’s just say words don’t do justice to what we’re about to view. This being my third posting of this video, it has now, officially, become my blog site’s Christmas tradition. What better way to say, “Merry Christmas” to all celebrants who are paying me a visit? Even if you’re not into Christianity, I know you’ll still find Ode to Joy to the World totally enjoyable!







Love and Letterman (Vid of the Holiday)

Darlene Love’s performance of Christmas, Baby Please Come Home became talk show host David Letterman’s holiday tradition (In the beginning, on his NBC Late Night and, later on, on his CBS Late Show). All in all, that tallied out at 28 out of his combined shows’ 33 year run… Watch Related Clip

Our above clip showcases Love’s grand finale on the Letterman stage… occurring mere days prior to Christmas 2014… mere months before Dave’s May 2015 retirement.

To have experienced this performance art… year in / year out… always afforded us a sense of continuity within our world gone nuts. It’s when we factor in how, year in / year out, humanity is still doing its damnedest to build boondoggle walls rather than blessed bridges between peoples… alas…

At the very least, this lack of progress oft elicits our long, exasperated group sigh.

Granted, we may not be able to, magically, put an end, overnight, to our global magnitude insanity / disunity… but… for the next 4:17, Love will be doing her best to be our guide… to get us to believe that there’s reason for hope.

And so… after a five year absence from the TV airwaves… if for no other reason than our catching that feel good buzz… it’s high time to revive and relive this Love / Letterman tradition…

To click that playback button will be tantamount to our virtually shouting from the Everest mountaintop…

Hey Darlene… Hey David… Encore! Encore! Encore!







Fortune Cookie Blog (specifications)


It is inevitable that we humans will evaluate each other. However, do take
care not to judge based on race, ethnicity, language, religion, age, infirmity,
disability, station in life, sexual identity/orientation. All that really matters:
Is a Soul Good? Bad? In-between? Open to Redemption? Yes? No? Maybe?







Dedicated to Kids From 1 To 92+ (Vid of the Holiday)

To quote from our featured Internet phenom’s bio…

“Shane’s dream is to heal and uplift people through her music…”

Once you play back our above clip, I’m confident you’ll readily agree with me that Ms. Shane Ericks’ cover of the Mel Tormé / Robert Wells, 1945, holiday classic, Christmas Song, serves as testimonial to the fact that she is living her dream.

While the depth to her talent is obviously and uniquely her own, for keen eared folks who are familiar with the late Karen Carpenter’s vocal quality and delivery style, it’ll be impossible not to make favorable comparisons. For a brief moment I had even wondered if some YouTube technical glitch was, somehow offering up some vintage Carpenter audio.

I could go on and on, but Shane’s music does speak for itself. Besides, your reason for clicking here is to hear her… not me.

And so, on this early Christmas Eve, to wrap up Ms. Ericks’ and my gift to you, I’ll wrap up this post by echoing our featured song’s concluding lyrical sentiments…

“Although it’s been said many times…
many ways… Merry Christmas to you!”



Oh btw, stay tuned… I’m planning to add at least two more holiday themed videos between now and day’s end tomorrow.





My Holiday Posting Plans…


Having caught the blogging bug way back in June ’06 (over @Tom Anderson’s MySpace), the only reasons for my not being @WordPress on Christmas Eve / Day, would be [1] tech woes, [2] Orwellian detention, [3] debilitation [4] sudden death.

However, owing to my [1] deference due the Caretaker of the Cosmos, [2] my reverence for the ancient account of Mary and Joseph’s whereabouts / un-stable lodgings on (or around) December 24th and 25th and [3] their purportedly pivotal roles regarding the Blessed Event of any Millennium

I hereby proclaim that throughout tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll be refraining from posting new political content… especially stuff which dwells on the duly disgraced Donny. Oh, I might make an exception if (IF?) he doth something inordinately deplorable and/or dense… i.e., if there’s a tale to tell, which could not possibly “keep” until the 26th.

But… oh… what a wonderful world it would be if, during those same 48 hours, the White House Whiner-In-Chief would refrain from posting political content, too!

Maybe if we hope / pray really hard…

• Trump’s Tweets will not exceed his from the heart (what heart?) “Merry Christmas”… i.e., the very phrase he insists that even non-Christians wish each other.

• Donny will finally spend some quality time to actually get better acquainted with his nuclear family. Hmm… how is it that I can practically envision his spouse and offspring needing to wear those stickers that say, “Hello… my name is ____________!“

So, what would be their chances for a genuine, wholesome, family reunion… ala Currier and Ives… one that the guru of gracious living, Martha Stewart, would endorse?

Alas… to keep this all real, some families are so dysfunctional they ARE beyond repair.

Hmm… perhaps an intervention could do the trick… oh… say… courtesy of a Dickensonian trio of ghosts?







A Dickensonian Intervention? ~ Vid of the Holiday

Might what ails the Trumpster be cured by an intervention… courtesy of Charles Dickens’ Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come? Of course, seeing how [1] Donny doesn’t read, [2] has the attention span of a doorknob, [3] glues his vacuous eyeballs only to his big screen TV and [4] our clip, above, takes less than two minutes to PB… hmm…

Would you not agree that an emailed link to this YouTube clip would be the perfect gift for the man who has nothing?