Just how personal do we really need to be with each other?


Check out this verbatim friendly(?) message… courtesy(?) of a well-known website, that’s been skulking off in the shadows… creeping around… sticking its collective nose into our business…

See our Privacy Policy to learn about the types of data we collect and how we use and share it. We collect data from your browser to personalize your weather and the ads you see. Review Privacy and Advertising Settings.”

Yep… you read that right. We ARE talking about the weather… i.e., the Weather Channel.

Nope… I didn’t bother to “Review Privacy and Advertising Settings”. Why not?

Firstly… there is no such thing as privacy… either in the real world or online.

Nextly… life is too damned short to be constantly slogging thru such arcane, verbose legalese. Hell, an A to Z read thru my entire Funk & Wagnalls, 25 volume Encyclopedia set would probably take less time (and, in doing the latter, I would wind up a far smarter man).

Lastly… seeing how I have no say-so, whatsoever… can only say “NO” by never visiting their website again… they’ll always have the upper hand… no matter what. Moving on to the specifics…

RE Personalized Advertisements… when it takes less than a minute for each typical visitor to check out a weather report / forecast, is there even sufficient time to notice them?

RE Personalized Weather Reports… how much more than the zip code (which, btw, we’ve already keyed into the Google search) would they ever need to personalize our weather?

Is that not as personal as we ever need to be with each other?

If the Weather Channel truly wants to be my dear, personal friend, why wouldn’t they… oh… say… (once each winter?) send someone by to prepare my breakfast while I’m out shoveling the snow off my sidewalks and driveway?

Or better yet… why not do the shoveling for me?

That should pose no problem… after all… they already know where I live.