Dumb Donald’s Miranda Rights (Vid of the Day)

“Eons” prior to the Real Donald’s downward escalator ride and America’s corresponding, downward plunge, Match Game writers had created their Dumb Donald character and concocted oodles of situations for him to contend with. Seeing how whatever he touched would instantaneously, consistently and completely get mucked up, it’s almost as if they’d been able to foresee the Real Donald.

Game show host Gene Rayburn now presents one of his staff’s scenarios to his contestant, Genevieve…

“Dumb Donald was so dumb, when the police arrested
him, he used his one telephone call to call ________.”

ASIDE: The Real Donald would have virtually no one he could
contact. After all, most of his attorney cronies are incompetent
and incomprehensible… some of them are even incarcerated.
As for his estranged wife and strange kids, need we say more?

Anyhow, let’s PB the above clip to hear Genevieve’s response and find out how many celebs she’ll match.