DIY Project! Landing a Commercial Jet!

(Don’t Try This At Home… DUH… It Ain’t Airborne!)

Had I not just seen this clip with my own eyes, I would’ve never believed such an intriguing, instructional video even existed. But, considering how there have been 580,527 views since Oct 25, 2019, folks, indeed, do hunger for such know-how.

Granted, clocking out at 31:55, this may be way too long for some of you. With that in mind, I’ve cut-to-the-chase by cuing up this presentation to begin at the 24:21 mark. If you do not plan on hanging around for the clip ending rehash, your run time will crunch out in just under 6:00. Of course, if you’d like to view this, in its entirety, you can still “rewind” to 0:00.

Who knows? Knowing your stuff, someday, might even make you a front page news hero standing upon the world stage!

Let’s now hang out on the flight deck, where YouTube’s Mentour Pilot will get us all up to speed… or… more to the point… down to a safe landing speed…

“What if a Passenger was the ONLY one left to land the plane? Could a passenger theoretically do it, without ANY previous knowledge or training? In today/s Special video, I will go through the required steps that will have to be taken in the cockpit in order to set the aircraft up for a safe auto-land. There will be around 20 different individual steps that need to be taken and none of them can be omitted or done in the wrong order. This all depends on the passenger getting into contact with Air Traffic Control and being reasonably close to a suitable runway. If you want to download this video and keep in your phone or mobile device, you can do so inside the Mentour Aviation app.”