To Applaud or Not to Applaud?

This evening, shortly after 9 o’clock EST, Trump is slated to deliver his State of the Union Speech to a joint session of Congress… more to the point… to the Republican Party dominated Senate and Democratic Party dominated House of Representatives. Normally, a president can expect a bipartisan standing ovation.

Seeing how the Republicans are inordinately beholden to Trump… are always doing his bidding (no questions asked)… that gang of goons should have no problem with bleating like animals and applauding louder that 50,000 trained seals.


Seeing how the Democrats have impeached Trump, the question becomes, just how should they receive the fake prez? Applause would be totally inappropriate. After all, their own Impeachment Inquiry… as well as Trump’s own self-incriminating, public tirades… have all amply proven Donny to be guilty as hell.

Normally, the Constitutional concept of “innocent until proven guilty”, would suggest that Dems should applaud, anyway. HOWEVER, how do we even know if innocence is actually in play, here? Let’s never forget how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has presided over a sham trial… has slapped on thick coats of White House white wash. That has ensured no new, relevant witnesses will ever testify and no new, damning evidence will ever be ruled admissible.

Worse yet, as early as tomorrow, McConnell and the rest of his shameless, permanently puckered up Trump ass kissers, are all scheduled to cast their votes… bleating out their collective, “Nuh-Uh!” to both of the U.S. House’s Articles of Impeachment. And that will sweep megatons of Donny’s Dirt under the rug… will lavish fake innocence upon the fake prez.

Beyond that…

Seeing how any applause Trump receives is undeserved, and worse yet, can only serve to stroke his already massive ego, stoke his flaming Fascism and egg on even more of his treasonous and thuggish conduct, it’d be best that, when Trump makes his entrance on this very night…

The Democrats should rise to show their respect for the Concept of the Oval Office but offer ZERO applause. That’d be the perfect way to demonstrate ZERO respect for Donald J. Trump, who demonstrates ZERO respect for the Oval Office, ZERO respect for the U.S. Constitution, ZERO respect for planet Earth and ZERO respect for Humanity.