The Cancer of Rush Limbaugh


Since 1988, has-been Rush Limbaugh has been described as a radio personality and conservative political commentator.

Both phrases deceptively broad-brush his portrait, seeing how “personality” tends to conjure up notions of someone who is affable, fatherly, empathetic and lovable. As far as political opining goes, Limbaugh’s rhetoric goes too damned far. His deliberate distortions exploit nearly every negative “ism” under the sun… pander to the worst instincts of his mindless minions… a.k.a. his dittohead listeners who, sadly, can regurgitate, verbatim, his insane, inane, vitriolic talking points and mimic his sadistic viciousness… some of them even going on violent, deadly rampages.

Rush is not only blameworthy for spreading his mental contagion, which poisons the minds of overly impressionable listeners, politicians and copycat broadcasters, alike, but for also fomenting polarizing, DC gridlock… all of which debilitates / paralyzes America… perhaps to the point of our never fully restoring governmental functionality, societal normalcy and spiritual decency. Were it not for him, it’d be tough to see how Trumpism would’ve so easily become entrenched in society.

Egad! Must we talk about Donald J. Trump AGAIN? Well… we must… seeing how the fake prez awarded Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom during last week’s State of the Union Speech. This exemplifies how debased and diseased Trump is and America has become. Seeing Rush adorned with that medal is an insult to each and every PAST RECIPIENT (<— let’s all click that link to honor them).

Were I among that distinguished community, I’d box up my medal, call UPS and order them to deliver it, overnight, to the Oval Office… my included note instructing Trump to stick it where the sun don’t shine. OMG… did I actually say that? See what I mean about about Limbaugh’s mean-spirited demeanor being contagious?

And were I to ever put into practice what Rush preaches to his captive audience, how would I now react to the reports of his recently diagnosed, life threatening, advanced lung cancer? Well… let’s just say it’d be in an ill-mannered manner… one that’d be inconsistent with wishing him well.

But… that would not be the real me.

Instead… believe it or not… I will now actually wish Limbaugh a complete recovery… in hopes that he’d perceive such an outcome to be the miracle, which it would be… in hopes that his being able to put his brush with death behind him, this would also cure him of the cancer that’s been consuming his soul ever since his broadcasts first assaulted the airwaves.