Two Sons of Fathers Named George

From 1963 through 1969, Republican George Romney served as the 43rd Governor of Michigan (my lifelong home state). Shortly after his reelection in November 1966, via snail mail, he had invited my folks to attend his Inaugural ceremonies, reception and dance.

Neither my father (a chronically low paid, public school teacher) nor my mother (an always overworked homemaker), could even begin to fathom how someone of their humble stations in life, could’ve ever been added to, what had to be, a VIP studded guest list. My parents’ skepticism was warranted, too, seeing how both were hardcore Democrats, who had neither donated one penny to any of Romney’s campaigns, nor (for that matter) had ever even voted for him.

Hell, were it not for the fact that my.father had saved that invitation… that I’m glazing at that actual, historical keepsake as I type these words… I would’ve probably suspected this incident to be dad’s tall tale, or, perhaps, a figment of my own wild imagination?

Anyway… at the time, my father had wisecracked that the only thing he had in common with The Guv was that they both were named George. But, all kidding aside, Republicans of that era… well… at least outwardly… did try to look as if they cared about the “little guy”.

And speaking of the little guy… George Romney had a son named Mitt… yes, THAT Mitt Romney… the very same, present-day U.S. Senator, who, just last week, proved to Utah, DC, America and the world, that he actually answers to an authority who’s much higher than the stoned on power, Donald J. Trump. As such, Mitt had prominently put his spine, scruples and spirituality on display at Donny’s Impeachment Trial… i.e., by becoming the ONE and ONLY Republican to cast his vote to Constitutionally convict and oust the U.S. House Impeached, totally corrupt, guilty and ugly as sin, fake prez.

For Romney, to boldly go where no Trumpian toady has ever gone before, most assuredly, has been tantamount to his committing political suicide. He has bunched up the soiled skivvies of every godforsaken, Trumpian propaganda minister. Indeed, these Orwellian, cranky crybabies… on the lame pretext of defending the totally indefensible Donny… have been throwing on air and online tantrums / going apoplectic in the process of ripping ol’ Mitt A New One. Indeed, Romney will, forevermore, also be Public Enemy #1 within the deep, dark, dank bowels of Donny’s so-called mind. And that doth make the fake prez look genuinely pathetic, petty, undignified and infantile.

While common sense doth advise us not to read too damned much into Romney’s epiphany / public emergence as a holy, moral man… WHAT IF something truly more substantive is in play? Clearly, a person capable of voting to end Trump’s presidency should also be amenable to putting an end to Donny’s deplorable policies… to cite just a few… [1] the caging of immigrant children, [2] the bestowal of needless, lavish tax breaks upon the already obscenely wealthy, [3] the appointment of corruptible SCOTUS and federal judges and… last but not least… [4] the abject neglect of burning, environmental issues.

All the above considered… this son of a father named George now extends my own invitation to another son of a father named George. I implore Mitt Romney to more deeply search his soul. Should he find even more moral courage, I also invite him to join the legions of liberals, who deeply care about finding effective, prompt solutions to all the above-mentioned problems… as well as all of the other ills that plague humankind.