Cleverness Flirts With Clairvoyance ~ Vid of the Day

Long, long ago… in a star-studded TV-Land far, far away… the 1970s era Match Game staff writers were, undeniably, earning their paychecks… i.e. by ceaselessly, tirelessly toiling away to supply game show host Gene Rayburn with the oft, off beat scenarios, for him to present to the celebrity panelists and contestants, with whom he shared the stage.

The cleverness of these writers, at times, did flirt with clairvoyance.

Case in point… their Dumb Donald storylines were akin to a psychological profile… a painted portrait… of the hapless man who stumbles clumsily and cluelessly through life… uh… not unlike how today’s Real Donald stumbles clumsily and cluelessly through his public and private life.

And be the fake prez aware… or not… likely not… he is ceaselessly, tirelessly painting a self-portrait… one, which We the still thinking People… do find… to say the least… unattractive.


Methinks it’s high time to roll out the following, real-life, Dumb Donald scenario…

The twice divorced, thrice married Real Donald
has commitment issues that are so dumb…


He dumps his wives faster than insider traders dump
shares on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor.

And so, my WordPress visitors, once again, it’s time for us to savor another YouTube Dumb Donald clip… to play along with Gene’s six celeb panelists and contestant Bill… as we all attempt to divine the definitive word(s) to fill in the following blank…

“Dumb Donald is so dumb, when he
went to the wife swapping party he
swapped his wife for a _______ .”

Let’s click that vid to see how this all plays out…