Send Them In! (03/14 Vid of the Day)

The wee hours of Friday the 13th turned out to be my lucky day. That’s when I paid my visit to James Corden’s Late Late Show multiverse… tuning in just in the nick of time to witness the above clever and comical vignette. Be it intentional or not, Corden teamed up with Niall Horan, present an off-beat, Monty Python-esque approach to the ensuing comedy / tragedy… or to be more precise… the tragedy averted X4.

The following quote, courtesy of Corden’s YouTube site, further sets up the clip / tells the rest of the story…

“In an homage to The Proclaimers classic “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” James Corden and Niall Horan are available to show up and diffuse any high pressure situation and they’ll walk 500 miles to help.”

What a shame The Proclaimers… as portrayed… cannot sing their way to the betterment of society. There’s certainly no shortage of stumbling blocks to smooth over, infirmities to cure and wounds to heal.

Yet, on second thought, perhaps the levity they generate doth supply us a sublime starting point. How thoroughly we apply it to real life will be left up to us…

The Late Late Show with James Corden is Must See TV. Our above clip’s content is representative of the oft zany comedy that awaits us, stateside… week in / week out… each and every M-F along about 12:37 a.m. Uh… for those who reside elsewhere, check your local listings.