Get Ready to be Wowed! (Vid of the Day)

Back in 1942, Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth danced their routine to perfection in the film You Were Never Lovelier.

And seeing how their choreography and even the orchestra horn section all stay in sync with Jackie Wilson’s 1967 R&B #1 hit song, (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher, one starts to believe that all of the superstars involved managed a mind-meld that had, somehow, breached and bridged what normally are time’s forward only momentum and inviolate boundary-lines.

Watching our Vid of the Day clip brought a smiling, stunned expression to my face. Once you view it, I’m sure you’ll concur.

Mega Thanks and Kudos to YouTube videographer kiddysoulgirl99! Her editing skills equal the very talent she showcases!

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