If It Quacks Like a Duck…

By definition…

quack 1 |kwak|
noun [in singular]
the characteristic harsh sound made by a duck.

quack 2 |kwak|
a person who dishonestly claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, typically in medicine: [as modifier] : quack cures.

So… what do Donald Duck and Donald Trump have in common?

Regardless of the creature, in question, most assuredly, he doth have a unique way with words.

The former cartoon character quacks like the duck he is. What the hell else can waterfowl do?

The latter “cartoon” character tries to duck his culpability for being monumentally unprepared for proactively, effectively containing Coronavirus… so much so, that he’s now “quacking” like the quack he is.

As the above clip can attest to, this fake, fraudulent president is now shamelessly Playing Doctor… right in public, no less! And by that, we’re not talking about his M.O. in the boudoir / how he purportedly plays with playmates and porn stars.

In actuality, “Dr. Donny”, in the triple role of sleazy businessman, deadly drug pusher and fraudulent M.D., is now heavily into mass marketing, too. To that end, this political has-been has been practically force feeding self-serving twaddle to any gullible, dopey American, who’d buy into his snake oil salesman’s pitch… namely… how… sans even a smidgen of credible scientific evidence… hydroxychloroquine… has suddenly… miraculously… become some sort of a cure for coronavirus?

SIDEBAR: Granted, in crisis mode, open minds can be helpful. I mean, who’d have ever believed that Scottish researcher, Sir Alexander Fleming’s cruddy petri dish would lead to his 1928 discovery of a specific type of mold, which could inhibit the growth of influenza staphylococci! His serendipitous breakthrough, would soon dub his antibiotic: Penicillin.

However let’s compare Flemming’s medical ethics to “Doctor” Donny’s evil machinations. Per usual, the fake prez is thumbing his nose / whipping his middle finger at time honored science / the carved in stone protocols for ETHICAL, medical research. In a sense, the on camera quacking antics of Donald J. Trump are tantamount to his illegally writing prescriptions to dispense the untested hydroxychloroquine.

It’s almost like he’s morphed into a spokesmodel (minus the graceful hand gestures and flowing sequined evening gown).

While such a pathetic spectacle, in itself, is bad enough, what is far worse is how this monumentally unproductive, distracting discourse has been giving false hope to panic stricken and pandemic sickened and dying Americans. And let’s not forget that, were the U.S. not now engaged, domestically, in a desperate game of catch-up, we could be lending our helping hand to the other similarly plagued nations, worldwide.

To wrap this up… sure as “sheet”… as I type and as you read this… legions of emboldened by Dr. Donny, creepy, copycat drug dealers are off lurking in the shadows… swooping down upon anyone stupid enough to believe that the unproven hydroxychloroquine is the miracle drug to die for.

And when the people die in trying to procure this untested pharmaceutical, their names, regrettably, will be added to “Doctor” Donny’s Coronavirus Death Toll.