Bright Side of the Road ~ Vid of the Day

Seeing how we can always use additional sunshine in our heads, hearts, lives and world, let’s meet the five musicians who will make it all happen / brighten our day…

Clair McGreevy – lead guitar and bvs
Louise Potter – drums and bvs
Lyndsay Crothers – lead vocals and bass
Sharon Morgan – banjo
Adele Ingram – guitar and bvs

Collectively they are known as Wookalily, and the brilliant performance they’ll turn in both covers and further shines up Van Morrison’s Bright Side of the Road.

What we earwitness, here, is the lead vocalist’s clarity and power that really sells Morrison’s lyrical optimism… the backing singers’ pitch-perfect harmonies… guitarists who drive the message home… a banjoist who picks and strums the very strings, which are guaranteed to inspire our ear to ear grins… and, last but not least a drummer who’ll keep everyone’s mood upbeat! Who could ask for anything more?

And interestingly enough, when we factor in Wookalily’s June 3, 2016 upload date, they were way ahead of the times… i.e., social distancing in the recording studio long before it became fashionable.

Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…