The Troubadour’s Unexpected Change of Venue

Spirited lyrics once “served” by John Prine,
Could be “chased” with mere beer or fine wine,
His wry wit prompts our guffaws,
Profound thoughts give us pause,
His new stage, lit with heaven’s star shine.


When I first heard John Prine’s eponymous, debut album back in 1971, his vocal and lyrical qualities instantly invited comparisons to yet another singer/songwriter… namely, Bob Dylan. And, in our vast world of music, what better compliment could we ever pay him?

John’s death, yesterday (04/07/2020), was both tragic and ironic. This star magnitude country music folkie had fought, so valiantly, to become a cancer survivor… to reclaim the stage spotlight…only to be upstaged by coronavirus, which promptly, heartlessly, brought down the curtain on his show.

Even though he had attained star status, I think that most of his fans (I among them) could also sense his humble, down to Earth vibe.

Keeping that in mind, what better song for him “to go out on” than Quiet Man?

R.I.P. John Prine