The Numb Enumerator?


Every ten years, the U.S. Census Bureau’s goal is to get an accurate head count. My questions to the Bureau’s head cheese, Director Steven Dillingham…

• Can you fathom the insensitivity, absurdity and futility of your head count ensuing during a raging pandemic?

• Do you realize that you’ll even be risking the well-being of every last one of your in-the-field, doorknocker enumerators?

• True, this decennial tally is legally mandated, but, with eight long months remaining in 2020, could this not wait awhile… i.e., to [1] allow the souls, who can recover, a decent amount of time to literally catch their collective breath and [2] grant those who don’t make it the dignified memorial services they deserve?

• Are you only the matter-of-fact statistician, only capable of the by-the-numbers approach?