Three Little Birds’ Buoyant Words (Vid of the Day)

While auditioning YouTube clips, several days ago, [1] I gave a listen to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, [2] considered whether or not his message soared sufficiently to rally you and me through the pandemic and [3] opted to temporarily “ground” my posting plans to further mull over his message.

Well, just yesterday, while tuned in to NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday broadcast, lo and behold, host Lulu Garcia-Navarro presented her feature… A Song To Help Cope With The Coronavirus Pandemic… where she played segments from this very song, while interviewing Dr. Lisa Davenport, a Pembroke Pines, Florida clinical psychologist, who first expressed some of my own similar misgivings… and then promptly proved them baseless. Said she…

“‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers has been with me since I was a young child. And it’s always been a song that I’ve gone to to sort of quiet my mind, quiet my spirit, give me a sense of relief, a sense of hope in – at times when maybe that hope – it escapes us.”

“It might sound a little too simple and even a little bit too cold or even insensitive to say that there is hope, there is a clearing that we are going to be OK, we’re going to be all right. But I think that if we don’t believe that, then the alternative is to feel despair and to feel hopelessness. And that’s not who we are as a human race, as a planet, as our history. Our history tells us that we’re going to be all right, just like that song.” (hear full interview)

My gratitude to Dr. Davenport for her free counseling session, which helped me see the human condition more clearly / positively.

My appreciation, heavenward, to spiritual guide Bob Marley… and apology, too… for having ever doubted his lyrical truths for even a nanosecond.

So, how would you weigh in on this discussion? Does Three Little Birds’ message fly high enough for you?