Sleep-Blogging? Flight of Fancy? Hallucinations?


Even the most hardcore science denier would have to acknowledge the following truths…

[1] The Coronavirus Pandemic necessitated, government sanctioned, en masse sequestration of Earth’s polluting populace has not only begun to flatten the curve of disease transmission, but has also started to back-fill the massive depths of our collective, carbon footprint. Now, that’s certainly an effect / side-effect we can all live with! Of course, qualifying words such as “only begun” mean we must continue to heed all of the medical community’s recommended disease fighting protocols.

[2] Considering how our quarantined world’s hubbub / noise pollution has also abated, there is yet another (in this instance) unintended side effect. The creatures we share our world with, have now become emboldened… resulting in their reclamation of the turf, which humanity had robbed them of.

My own backyard’s rabbits now seem to be fearless… behaving in a far less skittish manner. They now stay put, even when I suddenly step outside for a breath of the (slightly) fresher air. Prior to that damned pandemic, at the first snap of a mere underfoot twig, they’d have hit Warp Factor 10 when needlessly fleeing to safety.

If these critters possess even half the intelligence I assign to them… well… let’s just say…

It’s almost as if they, along with all other creatures great and small, have now (consciously?) come to believe that the destiny of coronavirus dominated / decimated humanity is for us to become an endangered species heading towards extinction. As such, that’d make their heightened assertiveness akin to each one of them mockingly “saying” to us…

“Listen up, you guys! We’re taking over your world… so get used to it, damn it! That’s what you get when too damned many of your species opt to empower dumb-ass narcissists who can so easily get outwitted by a mere microbe. Ha-Ha-Ha! And to think that some of you humans have the damned gall to call US dumb-bunnies?”

Granted, so far, that immediately preceding paragraph and blockquote are highly speculative / anecdotal.

Were I to ever, actually, hear hares talking, that’d mean EITHER my fingertips are now sleep-walking across my keyboard (sleep-blogging?) OR I’m indulging a flight of fancy OR I’m undergoing end-stage, stir-crazy induced hallucinations.

Considering how, so far, humanity has over one month’s worth of social isolating under our collective belt, any of those above-listed eventualities could, someday, come true.

How soon might that someday be? Stay tuned!

And more importantly…

Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Well!