R.I.P. Mom


On this very morn, 17 April 16ths ago, my Mom’s age and pneumonia had conspired to hasten her demise.

Seeing how I had honored her request to be interred in her home state, Minnesota, that’s always necessitated my paying my respects from afar. Normally, at this hour, I would be taking a contemplative nature walk through our hometown to honor her memory (I’ve done so each year, without fail, since 2004).

Alas… long sigh… seeing how I now must also contemplate the rampaging pandemic, consider the dangers, I would not feel safe to uphold this tradition. Were something to go wrong… that I was exposed to this deadly contagion… I could easily wind up on my own death bed with age and pneumonia conspiring to hasten my own demise.

The only truly safe way to memorialize my Mom… the only safe distance… is that afforded by the WWW. It is here and now that at 9:23 a.m., the hour of her death, that I link to my 2016 Memorial Blog.