Would he put his money where his mouth is?


Just so nobody gets the wrong idea about me…

• I’d never order anybody to do what I’m about to suggest.
• I’d never, ever even ask anybody to volunteer to do this.
• I’d do my utmost to try to stop them if they did volunteer.

That duly noted…

Let’s discuss the coronavirus pandemic, the conservative in their thinking (in more ways than one) politicians and their like-minded, mindless godawful propaganda ministers. Hell… let’s even toss in the charlatan, pea-brain preachers, too.

By and large, what we’re dealing with, here, are impatient, whiny, science denying kindergarten / nursery school drop-outs, who’d rather save the economy than human lives.

To that end, they want to ignore the following admonishment from the most respected epidemiologists and medical professionals…

Do NOT end / ease up on social isolating / distancing tactics too damned soon! To do so would be to risk a coronavirus rampage, redux, even deadlier than what we’ve already got.

Hmm… maybe each science denier should put his money where his mouth is? Oh… say… while not wearing any personal protection equipment at all… he’d be willing to spend 13, 40 hour work weeks in a small office setting… where he’d be required to interact with an ever changing cast of hundreds of randomly selected, non-social distancing, unmasked, ungloved, untested, asymptomatic people.

To restate this blog’ intro… nobody should ever violate medical ethics to try this ill-advised stunt at work, at home or anywhere else!

I only used this literary device to better illustrate my point that, by and large, archconservative talk is cheap.