No $#!+… an English Surf Rock Band (Sunday Song Series)

Most boomers free associate the surf music genre with Sixties bands, such as the Beach Boys, Jan ’n’ Dean and the Chantays. Not all that surprisingly, these three, seaworthy ensembles had had no problem staying afloat… were never in any real danger of wiping out / sinking… not even when the Beatles-led British Invasion landed ashore, stateside.

Although, to the best of my recollection, no one had ever officially dubbed the worldwide impact made by U.S. recording artists, The American Invasion, it’s safe to say that yank musicians hadn’t gone completely unnoticed. For instance…

Jeremy Gluck and Robin Wills had both shared such a strong passion for that bygone era’s California music scene, they took the plunge to become the late Seventies era Founding Fathers of the English surf rock band, The Barracudas.

For Week #84 of our ongoing “swim” through an ocean’s worth of Sunday titled songs, we’ll be tracking through their aptly titled composition: On a Sunday.

Once you play it back, c’mon back for our next Sunday Song… seven days from now…

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