So far… yet so near… (Vid of the Day)

My headline interlaces a bit of wordplay re humanity’s “so near… yet so far” expression… which, as we know, can serve to exhale our regrets / sadness whenever we get oh-so-close to achieving all we want in life…

Alas… to no avail?

My transposition of the elements / sentiments in that emotionally charged equation is with good reason. Such a reversal conforms to the literal about-face re what we’d expect tradition to prescribe.

Alas… this involves an unorthodox response to comply with what the pandemic new reality requires it to be.

Even so, the London based Camden Voices Self-Isolation / Virtual Choir has managed to creatively circumvent such freedom limiting protocols… however, only in the best, medically / socially acceptable way.

On the bright, sunshiny side… this choir’s switcheroo also morphs that equation’s failure into success… i.e., seeing how viewing their mood elevating clip will draw viewers en masse, spanning the vast WWW, closer together.

And… for the time being… under the current circumstances…

We can all live with that… both figuratively and literally…

To be earwitness to the Camden Voices’ interlaced with gleaming sunbeams, cover of the George Harrison classic, Here Comes the Sun… is to behold their ushered in sunrise to this new reality day.

If we can manage to keep Camden Voices’ optimism alive, our kindred spirits can and will also carry us onward… into the days yet to come…

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!

We can avoid COVID-19 infection by following our learned medical community’s best advice (and by also following #5’s link to a short, surprisingly EZ to grasp, life saving tutorial)…

[1] Scrub hands often (at least 20 seconds each time), [2] Cover all coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] Observe social distancing protocols (remain at least 2 meters / 6 feet apart [5] Wear protective face masks in public [6] Avoid large crowds / Socially isolate at home  [7] Self-quarantine if you’re feeling ill and [8] Understand that even though you may feel fine, you can still be infected and spreading this disease to others!



The Camden Voices Self-Isolation / Virtual Choir

Solos: Chloe Ravat & Kate Keara Pelen
Sopranos: Alex Wiseman, Elaine Camilleri, Amy Hall, Kadi Linda Kiisa, Bryony Thomas, Chloe Ravat, Sophia Steinsberg, Sofia Vilan. Anna Wyatt
Altos: Amy Rockson, Ella Bryant, Hansy Shore, Laima Ulozaite, Saara Kaldma, Sabah Carmen Barake, Cas Olowoyo, Maddalena Ghezzi, Harriet Crawford, Izzy Pietsch, Kate Keara Pelen
Tenors: James Rees, Kris Jackson, Tom Heath, Seth Stromboli, Brendan Jacot, Max Salzmann, Ned Westaway, Matt Ashworth
Basses: Lawrence Walker, Marios Panayi, Tom James, Ugo Rosano, Joel Hughes, Miles Horn
Video production, arrangement & piano by: Ed Blunt
Bass: James Hill
Drums: James Nall
Mixed and mastered by: Matt Cooke
Song by George Harrison (our version inspired by Nina Simone’s arrangement)