Better Than Hulu, Netflix, Disney, HBO etc.?


I am not a tin foil hat wearing whack-a-doodle, flipped his noodle guy who buys easily into conspiracy theories… but…

That doesn’t mean that I’d ever shy away from ‘em. Hell, I oft cook ‘em up and play ‘em out in the theater of my (more or less) rational mind. Being a frequent flyer, who soars off to Fantasyland, if nothing else, is the safest way to “travel” while idled in pandemic necessitated quarantine. The fringe benefits are cool, too. After all, this costs nothing and can be more entertaining than Hulu, Netflix, Disney, HBO etc.

So, let’s take a closer look into who / what has been so conducive to my recent conjecture… namely… one Donald J. Trump and his stunningly stupid stance re All Things Corona.

My premise: This bug doth seem tailor made to jibe with his ideological rampage and bid for reelection.

Disclaimer: This is not to suggest that either the Science-Denier-In-Chief or any of his admin’s like-minded cronies and toadies could ever muster sufficient IQ points to bio-engineer a pathogen, all on their own. These simpletons are simply not the white lab coat – Bunsen burner – microscope – petri dish type.

Nor would they even be capable of coordinating with bioethics violating, mad scientists for an evil assist. The clashing egos on both sides, alone, would all but guarantee that plot’s implosion.

Even so, Donny can still depend / draw on his opportunistic nature to compensate for his mental deficits. And he doth recognize how coronavirus has been disproportionately debilitating and decimating the non-Caucasian and retiree demographics, which, by sheer coincidence, are the very folks he detests… i.e., seeing how most of them are loyal Democrats who’d never, ever vote for him.

In Other Words: Any virus that’s not a friend of racial minorities and the elderly is a friend of the fake prez.

That Donald J. Trump’s pandemic ass dragging could actually be his ongoing, politically motivated conspiracy… one which seems tailor made to snag him a second term… at the very least, is worthy of consideration.

Of course, no conspiracy theory is necessary to point out how ignorance tends to conspire against all who wallow in it.

If that debunks all of the other conspiracies, that might even deny Donny a second term.

And we could all (literally) live with that.