Who’s dying to go to church?

Prior to our sermon, let us all pause to mourn the loss of our global compatriots… the, so far, 342,000 souls, who have perished during this pandemic. Let us express our heartfelt condolences to their grieving families and friends.

Let us all pray, too, for all who have become… or soon will be… sickened by this godforsaken, pitiless virus.

May our Creator see fit to guide our best medical minds on the path to discovery… to help them expeditiously formulate the vital to survival pharmaceuticals, vaccines and therapies that’ll alleviate each and every one of their patients’ suffering. May they shepherd them all onto the road to swift and full recovery.


On this Sunday stateside midday, please forgive me for being a tad overdressed in my red, white and blue, stars and stripes regalia. That would seem unavoidable, seeing how I must now address a uniquely domestic issue.

Alas, too many of you, my homeland’s compatriots, are, at present, dying to attend religious services, yet, cannot… must not… due to our prudent governors’ justifiably tough, stay at home rules and regs.

Ordinarily, our 1st Amendment protections would be in play… would fully support our free speech right to express our grievances whenever, wherever, freedom of religion seems endangered. Yet, certainly, you would have to agree that a word such as “ordinarily” does not apply during a raging pandemic… i.e., the dire situation where, so far, in America, alone, there have been 1.66 Million reported cases of COVID-19 and 97,426 reported deaths.

I’m sure that, in spite of your feverish protestations, you cannot deny the fact that, had not such pandemic mitigating strategies been in place, this highly communicable disease would’ve spread vastly faster… that these already grim, alarming (still skyrocketing daily) stats would’ve been astoundingly, astonishingly and astronomically higher.

My friends, those are the indisputable facts which, regrettably, we now live with.

In closing…

My not wanting to go screeching down the preachy path, I’ll leave you with the following soul searching questions.

† Do we really need structured religious services to verify that God is omnipresent… to feel His love?

† Are not our houses of worship, in actuality, situated within our heads and hearts… our very souls?

† Are you really dying to flock to your church, synagogue or mosque when you could be an asymptomatic COVID-19 carrier?

† Could you live with yourself if you knew your very presence had led to even one more person’s needless agony and death?

When you come up with the correct answers, I’m confident that once you deem your previous protestations petty, you will find yourself traveling upon the glorious, high road of patience.


Stay Safe… Stay Healthy… Stay Home!